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Solving real business problems

At Jinx, we come to work every day wanting to solve problems. Our team of Australian software developers collaborate with businesses looking to get ahead through custom cloud-based software.

With experience in custom software development, legacy system redevelopment, user interface design, database design, system-to-system communication and task automation, Jinx has the skills to provide effective solutions to your business problems.


A little about what we do

Providing effective business solutions and giving you a competitive edge

Jinx is an experienced software development company focused on providing innovative software solutions to businesses. We love helping clients turn their business ideas into reality, working with them to build market-ready software products. Our wide skillset can also help clients improve the way their business functions, developing custom solutions for internal usage. Of course, not every problem needs a brand new solution – we also have extensive experience in maintaining legacy products and integrating multiple existing systems.

Our in-house full stack application development team specialises in building robust software solutions specific to your business requirements. Our extensive knowledge and code libraries ensure our projects are completed faster and within budget. We utilise an Agile development methodology which offers flexibility in project scope and requirements as the project progresses.

We work closely with clients to develop flexible and scalable systems – solutions that can be built upon over time to meet new opportunities and challenges. We always work hard to maintain a good ongoing relationship with our clients, following up initial development efforts with ongoing support.


At Jinx, we like getting to know you and understanding not just the problem, but how a solution will fit within the contexts of your business as a whole.

This helps us design intuitive systems that work for you – systems that don't just meet your needs, but are great to use.

We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients, creating and maintaining systems capable of evolving and changing with your business into the future.

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Why custom software development is essential for business

Provides innovative solutions
The creative freedom afforded by the custom development process allows for the development of more innovative and tightly-focused software solutions, as well as the agility to make improvements in response to changing business needs.
Save money in the long run
A well-designed solution that meets your business needs brings value far outweighing development costs. Streamlining internal processes and automating tasks can eliminate inefficiency, saving valuable staff time and effort.
Leverage against your competitors
Custom developed solutions are tailor-made to complement your particular style and qualities, helping you run your business the way it was envisioned. This can offer a unique point of differentiation between you and your competitors, who may all be stuck using the same tired off-the-shelf solutions.
Enhances overall satisfaction
A custom solution maps perfectly to the way you want to do business and targets the unique needs of staff, resulting in systems that people actually enjoy using.

Helping businesses improve efficiency through custom software development

Jinx can provide a fresh perspective to help you save valuable staff time

Inefficiencies and problems within a business usually don't spring up overnight, they develop gradually over time as a business expands and evolves. Daily processes can become less and less efficient as businesses grow in size, with menial tasks wasting valuable staff time. Business systems can fall out of alignment with business needs – your software may no longer do quite what you need it to, and available off-the-shelf solutions just aren't quite right.

Jinx is a catalyst for change. As objective onlookers, we can provide a fresh point of view, helping to identify costly bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

Custom software can automate repetitive business tasks to free up staff time and provide support in the form of innovative tools that improve process flow and increase staff productivity. Solutions can also integrate with your existing systems, such as accounting, customer relationship management or payment processing systems, to bridge the gap between the functionality you have and the functionality you need.

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What our clients had to say

The difference with Jinx Software is the care factor. They take the time get the plan and the scope right, so I avoided a lot of pain. I always felt they had my back and were invested in what I needed the software to achieve and to help me get there efficiently. By far the best experience I have had with an IT or software company.
Forever Has Fallen
Jinx are very easy to communicate with and understand what issues we are trying to solve. They are very intuitive and have created new software platforms for our business from scratch. They are also good at fixing issues with existing software. I would highly recommend Jinx, they have helped our medical practice immensely.
Raelene Johns
Mildura Cardiology
The Jinx team provided an excellent service designing some bespoke software for our business. I felt they worked really hard to fully understand our brief and delivered our product in a timely, efficient manner for a very reasonable price. We will certainly work with the Jinx team again in the future and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
Malcolm Comfort
Country Hearing Care
We utilised the team at Jinx to develop a cloud server to sync data between mobile devices running Logbook Checker, an app used by truck drivers. It was very important for us to be able to work with a developer we could trust and could understand our requirements without constant rework. Jinx were professional and easy to work with and so we are preparing the scope for developing a web based front end as part of this project.
Ivan Janssen
Jinx Software - Custom software & web development

Founded in 2016, Jinx Software is an Adelaide-based software development company in Australia. With experience in custom software development, legacy system redevelopment, user interface design, database design, system-to-system communication and task automation, Jinx has the skills to provide effective solutions to your business problems.

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