Providing effective business solutions and giving you a competitive edge

Need a system to run your business or looking to develop a product to take advantage of opportunities in your industry? Jinx can assist in conceptualising, developing and supporting your custom software development project.

Many businesses purchase off-the-shelf software solutions for daily operations, later realising that the product doesn't quite meet their expectations or their business is evolving beyond the features their software provides. Jinx can work with you to create and maintain custom software specifically designed for your unique needs – a system that perfectly matches the way you do business, now and in the future.

Have an idea for a commercial software product? Combine your industry knowledge with our cloud software expertise and creative thinking to give your business a competitive edge.

Develop a system that drives innovation and growth in your industry.


E-commerce, client portals, dashboards, and software as a service.


Client management, inventory / ordering, marketing, logistics and support.


Membership, personnel support and intranet.


Data searching, analytics, reporting and visualisation.


Accounting, mapping, live data feeds and third-party APIs.


Web-based business systems - access anywhere at any time.

Our approach to custom software development


Great business solutions come from a clear understanding of not just the problem, but the business as a whole

At Jinx, we like getting to know you and understanding the context of your problem. How will this new system fit into the process flow of your business? Who are the users and what are their needs? What are the broader goals of your business and how might this system evolve over time?

Bringing our technical expertise and a fresh perspective, we can identify problems and opportunities you may not have noticed.

Our experienced team will work with you to create a clear plan of action, designing a system that meets your requirements and greatly improves the way you do business.


Intuitive systems that provide a great experience for users

A solution that’s difficult to use is no solution at all. Our design process is driven from the user perspective – making real-world tasks as simple and efficient as possible through intuitive user interfaces and processes.

Keeping our skillsets sharp, Jinx’s development team is always looking to bring the benefits of new technologies to our users.

We strive to produce software with a professional, modern look and feel, because nobody likes looking at an ugly system. Responsive design is at the heart of our design principles – we build systems from the ground up to work well on any device, from desktops down to smartphones.


The needs of your business evolve over time – your system should too

We believe the key to success is building lasting relationships. Jinx is committed to maintaining and improving the solutions we develop for our clients over time, adding new features and refining processes to meet your changing needs.

Stay ahead of the latest developments in your industry and adapt your system to meet new challenges. Take advantage of exciting new technologies, continuing to improve the user experience.

Jinx creates products with the future in mind, designing systems and providing hosting solutions that can scale with your business.


Why we love data, and you will too

The ability to analyse and act on changing business demands begins a foundation of properly stored and easily accessible data.


Behind every good system is a great database

Databases are the most important, and perhaps the least appreciated, part of any business system. A database’s structure decides what data will be stored by the system and how that data is linked together. This is the framework for an entire software system.

A well-designed database makes a powerful system – it is the difference between tediousness and elegant simplicity.

Nobody wants to visit three different sections of a system to get the information they need. You shouldn’t have to write instructions on a piece of paper to use your business software.

We love data, and love using data to make people's lives easier. When Jinx creates custom software, we design and build a data structure from scratch based on your business’s unique requirements. This gives us the freedom to build intuitive, user-focussed systems – powerful interfaces and reports that provide useful information at a glance, and functionality that makes once complicated tasks beautifully simple.


Getting a square peg into a round hole

When moving to a new system, it is uncommon for businesses to start with a completely empty database. In most cases, new custom software has been developed to replace one or more existing systems and valuable data, like client details, financial records, professional notes and file attachments, will need to be brought across to the new system.

This process, known as data migration, is one of the most important aspects of a new system rollout, but it can also be the most challenging. Every system has its own unique data structure, storing and linking data in its own way – migrating this data into a new system can be like getting a square peg into a round hole.

Jinx has experience in dealing with data migration for complex business systems. We will work closely with you and other involved parties to create an effective migration plan, including trial runs to check data quality and make adjustments prior to a final migration.

Important business data can be moved from legacy systems to any new custom software we develop, ensuring the most seamless transition possible.


Cloud is for everyone, anywhere, at any time

Jinx is a proponent of service-based cloud hosting. We write custom software that leverages the benefits of cloud hosting whenever possible, moving data and file storage from individual machines and local servers to distributed servers accessible over the internet. Databases and web applications can be hosted in multiple geographic regions, greatly improving reliability and minimising downtime. Cloud technology allows us to design custom software that our clients can access from anywhere, at any time.

A service-based cloud hosting solution is ideal for modern businesses looking to manage expenses. A service model removes the need to purchase and manage costly server hardware, instead paying for hosting resources in the cloud as they are needed. This method can reduce hosting costs to predictable monthly expenses and offers excellent scalability, allowing clients to add additional resources to meet their changing needs.

Jinx can manage cloud hosting for any custom software we develop, putting together a unique hosting package based on your business's requirements.

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Breathe new life into your existing legacy systems

Sometimes, rewriting an existing system from scratch is not the right option. It might be too tightly integrated with other aspects of the business, or maybe the numbers just don’t make sense.


Rejuvenate tired legacy systems – keep what works well and improve what doesn’t

We can add a modern look and feel to replace the interface everyone hates, improve performance by optimising inefficient procedures and add those new features you’ve wanted for years.

Systems can be reworked to improve functionality but keep a high level of familiarity, minimising the amount of user retraining required.

Partial redevelopment offers a lower-risk, cost-effective alternative to a full system rewrite.


Redevelopments are a great way to add value to your existing intellectual property

An out-of-date system is not worthless. Scrapping your existing intellectual property in favour of an off-the-shelf solution may not be the right choice for your business.

Custom software affords you full control and ownership – develop and maintain a system that meets your unique needs and differentiates you from your competitors.

Your software is an asset – treat it like one.


Experience the benefits of improved reliability, scalability and global availability

Jinx can offer solutions to migrate your existing web-based system onto cloud hosting.

Scale your hosting resources to meet increasing demands without having to invest in your own server hardware. Increase uptime and manage disaster recovery by replicating your databases and systems in multiple geographical locations.


Harness the power of your data

Jinx can develop custom dashboards and reports for your managerial needs

Stay informed by turning your data into meaningful charts and statistics. Monitor the health of your business, identify important trends and areas for improvement by visualising your data.

How do this month’s sales compare to last month? Are you on track to meet your KPIs? Is all your equipment running correctly? Dashboards can read data straight from your existing systems and provide live updates.

Management dashboards can be hosted in the cloud and are designed for use on a range of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Have access to crucial information, in or out of the office.


Staff time is the most valuable resource of most businesses – stop wasting it on repetitive tasks

As businesses grow in size, the manual tasks performed by staff members can start to become unmanageable – what used to be a minor inconvenience when you had a handful of clients has now become a ridiculous waste of staff time.

Let Jinx work with you to identify costly bottlenecks and engineer solutions that save you time and money. Stop doing things "the way we've always done it" and introduce solutions that match your current needs.

We can help automate repetitive business tasks, implementing systems that improve process flow and increase staff productivity. We can introduce automation for internal processes, as well as customer and affiliate interactions.

Eliminate wasted time and get your staff back working on what matters most.


Automated SMS, email or push notifications to keep everyone up-to-date


Introduce workflow to manage document-driven business processes


Online form data collection to replace labour-intensive paper or scanned forms


Digitise manual processes to reduce data entry


Centrally manage communication, ideas and tasks with staff and clients


Get all your systems on the same page

Organisations often introduce new systems over time, using off-the-shelf software packages or custom software to manage specific aspects of the business. These systems are often not integrated and sharing data between them becomes a laborious process. Staff re-enter data or use inflexible import and export facilities, manually reconcile financial records or repeatedly look up client information.

Streamline your business through system-to-system integration – get the most out of your systems by improving communication between them.


Streamline accounting by integrating with cloud accounting systems (e.g. Xero). Integrating your CRM, custom system or website with an accounting package will save on manual data entry and minimise costly mistakes.


Capture payments for invoices or automate recurring payments, such as membership fees. Integrating payment facilities directly into your system streamlines payment processing and can assist in reducing transaction/processing fees.


Centralise client communication and have your team across all support related queries. Never lose or misplace phone conversation notes or client dealings. Notify staff of potential sales enquiries or client problems instantly, and keep clients up-to-date.

API and Web Service Interfaces

Make your custom software more powerful by creating lines of communication for third-party systems through an API. Provide controlled access to useful features of your system, opening up opportunities for new business-to-business relationships.


Customise and extend CRM systems to suit your business processes. Often CRMs don’t fit a business's requirements for data capturing, reporting, invoice management and general business practices.


Share data and processes between your internal standalone systems. Save staff time by eliminating manual data entry and processes, such as manually raising invoices or adding client information.


Giving you the knowledge to take the next step

Jinx is a catalyst for change. As objective onlookers, we can provide a fresh point of view, identifying opportunities for improvement and helping your business make the right decisions for the future.

When running a busy company, it's easy to become comfortable within your current business model and develop tunnel vision – focussing on short-term tasks and missing key opportunities for growth. Do you and your staff have the same conversation every few months, discussing a great business idea using the phrase "we really ought to..." but never following up on those good intentions?

Inefficiencies and problems within a business usually don't spring up overnight, they develop gradually over time as a business expands and evolves. Smaller businesses may find their daily processes becoming less and less efficient as they grow in size, with menial tasks wasting valuable staff time. More established businesses may find the technological aspects of their business starting to stagnate and fall behind the times. Business systems can fall out of alignment with business needs – your software may no longer do quite what you need it to, and off-the-shelf solutions available in the market just aren't quite right.

Without a high level of technical knowledge, it can be difficult to know how to solve these problems and take advantage of new opportunities that present themselves. Jinx can help you make sense of new technologies and understand the benefits they can bring to your business. Our skills and expertise can help you better engage with your clients, push into new markets and greatly improve staff productivity.

We are dedicated to learning your business requirements – our team works closely with you to build an overall understanding of your business and industry. Having an external consultant delve into your day-to-day operations and collaborate with staff can be highly beneficial. This process often uncovers inefficiencies within general business practices and can identify opportunities for custom software to streamline, or even completely automate, routine tasks. In many cases, existing systems can be redeveloped to extend functionality, share important data and improve communication between internal business departments.

Stop letting opportunities pass you by – get in touch with Jinx and start making real, measurable improvements to your business.

Business Relationships

Innovative solutions emerge from deep collaborations with your business

At Jinx, we strive to develop strong, lasting relationships with our clients – meeting the needs of today with an eye on the challenges of tomorrow.

If your business requires custom software development, you need a partner, not a vendor. A partner treats your business goals as their own, helping you take advantage of new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. Ongoing collaboration between developer and client is the best way to maximise return on investment for custom software. A great working relationship allows for continued improvement and keeps your product relevant, evolving with your business and adapting to changes in your industry.

As an innovative partner, Jinx invests in education and training in market-disrupting technology, looking for new ways to break up the status quo and drive businesses forward. We are particularly interested in cloud-based software, software as a service (SaaS) and device interconnectivity through the Internet of Things (IoT), and we are constantly learning from the latest developments and trends.

Build a partnership with Jinx that goes beyond individual project development. We're in it for the long haul and are motivated to see our clients succeed.

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